Know God through His Word


To know the Lord better is to know His word.

God do nothing without His word. With His word He spoke the universe into existence and with His word He send to your life He heals, delivers, saves and restores. The best way to learn about a person is to listen to their words.

God's word explains who He is, who you are and who you will become if you apply His words to your life. His word is a lamp to our feet that light up our path. Take time to spend quality time in God's word; there you meet God face to face.

We have a couple of topics below that might help you with direction if you don't know where to start or if you want to read the bible systematically through in one year.



GODGOD The SonGOD the Holy SpiritOther
The Father Click hereThe Saviour Click hereComforter Click hereRead the Bible in 1 year Click here
The Creator Click hereThe Redeemer Click hereGifts And Fruits Click hereNew Christians Click here
Healer and Deliverer Click hereEmergency Telephone Number Click here


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